How to exercise your lungs Do it every day to restore lung function.

How to exercise your lungs Do it every day to restore lung function.

Get fit and firm your lungs with these easy-to-follow exercises and keep your body moving. Practice expanding the lungs. and stretching the chest muscles
Today’s environment is full of pollution, dust, smoke, and also COVID-19 that we need to be careful with. Therefore, good lung health is very important. Because the lungs are organs in the respiratory system. Acts as a gas exchanger by bringing oxygen from the environment that we inhale into the blood system within the body. and exchanging carbon dioxide that the body does not need from the blood system As a result, the body has oxygen to feed the brain, cells and tissues to function normally. But if whenever the lung function has decreased It may cause breathing difficulties. Until having a shortness of breath is easier than usual, so we would like to invite you to exercise your lungs in a simple way to strengthen your lung function first.
What are some exercises to strengthen your lungs?
          Any form of exercise is good for your health. But if wanting to focus on how to exercise to strengthen the lungs Recommended as exercises such as cardio, aerobics, yoga, as well as exercises to exercise the lungs. This will increase the strength of the lung muscles. stimulate the work of the heart increase blood pumping And stimulate the work of the lungs by means of exercise , including

1. Stretching the muscles

This pose will stretch your muscles to allow your lungs to take in more oxygen.

how to practice

– Start with an upright position. slightly spread out

-Take a deep breath to swell your stomach, hold for 2 seconds, then slowly exhale.

– Always try to straighten up. to expand the pectoral muscles

– Repeat 2 rounds

2. Raise your arms above your head.

          For people who can breathe shallowly, feeling short of breath This will help you breathe more deeply and fill your lungs.

how to practice

– Stand straight, legs slightly apart.

– Raise both hands above your head. Then take a deep breath to fill your lungs.

– Slowly lower your arms while exhaling slowly.

– Repeat at least 8 times or as much as you want.

3. Spread your arms wide, expand your lung muscles.

This pose will help stretch the chest muscles. Lung muscles to be wider. Breathe more fully in the lungs.

how to practice

     – Stand straight, hands clasped in front of you. slightly spread out

     – Slowly extend both arms above the head. Keep your arms in a Y shape and take a deep breath to fill your lungs.

     – Slowly lower your arms while exhaling slowly.

     – Repeat at least 8 times or as much as you want.

4. Walk with your feet in place.

          This is a cardio exercise that will get your heart beating faster. pump more blood The lungs will work more as well.

how to practice

     – Walk with your feet for 1 minute.

     – Then switch to walk in the same position, but raise your legs higher and do 20 times.

5. Jog or run slowly in place.

          To speed up your heart rate to help increase blood pumping and lung function. You can jog in place or jog in place for 1 minute at a slow pace.

6. Sit down on the side of the body.

          For those who can’t stand to manage the chest muscles back muscles to be more flexible It helps us to breathe more easily. But if someone doesn’t like sitting in a chair You can stand and do it. 

how to practice

     – sit on a chair spread your legs a little Extend your left hand to touch your right ribcage. right hand raised above head

     – Tilt to the left side while taking deep breaths and exhaling fully and hold for 2 times, then lean back into a straight position.

     – Change your right hand, extend your arm to touch your left ribcage. and tilted to the right With deep breaths in and out fully, hold for 2 times.

     – Lean back into a straight position. Repeat the same position for a total of 5 rounds.

7. Sit upright, twist your torso left-right.

how to practice

     – Sit upright in a chair. spread your legs a little Put your left hand and right hand on your left waist.

     – Rotate to the left and take a deep breath. Hold 2 times.

     – Rotate your body back into a straight position. Then put your right hand and left hand on the right waist.

     – Rotate to the right and take a deep breath. Hold 2 times.

     – Return to an upright position while inhaling. Repeat the same position for a total of 5 rounds.

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